Aethalion Evidian

Duke of Ascalon, Grand master of the Order of the Military Valour, Marshall of Armore, Grand officer of the Order of the Merchants, Commander of the Order of the Legion of Honour, Officer of the Order of the Merit, of the War Cross and of the Feather of Molière, Elder of the brotherhood of Fourrure, Master of the guild of the Great Brewers, Knight of the Order of the Holy Spirit, of the Denier, of the Military Wounded and of the Civilian Victims

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Armorial Order of the Military Valour

Order of the Military Valour

Order of the Military Valour

Founded on 1475139670


The Order of Military Valour is the ranking of the military power of the lords. The points calculation is based on the number of soldiers under the commandment of the lord: those from his domains and vassals, as well as those he commands as an officer.

Important characters: Aethalion Evidian, Grand master of the Order, Engueran de Mont Morrin, Chancellor of the Order.

In the same territory: Duchy of Ascalon, Parish of Ascalon.

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