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An organisation, territorial or non-territorial, can become a vassal of another organisation. The latter is then considered as its superior, which gives it in particular the right to levy a tax. To become a vassal, a lord must appear on the lands of his future overlord and obtain his agreement. The pact of vassalage is established between organisations and not between their respective leaders: in case of death of the owner of an organisation, the links of vassalage are maintained, unless a new leader decides to declare his [URL=/help/act?type=indep]independence[/URL] or give allegiance to another suzerain. Depending on its [URL=/help/org]type[/URL], a vassal organisation can be automatically demoted: for example, a kingdom can not retain its title of kingdom when it becomes vassal of a lower organisation.

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This action takes place on one of the following buildings: Organisation seats / Public buildings / Seigneurial residence. You are currently on a bare ground.


Required skills and resources: