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Religious foundation

A religious foundation or convent is a community of priests, religious brothers, religious sisters, monks or nuns. The foundation has no monastic vocation, it is therefore more open to the world than the [URL=/help/org?type=priory]priory[/URL] or the [URL=/help/org?type=abbey]abbey[/URL].

Domain of Turturpunk
Terra Occidentalis

Sphere: territorial and spiritual. You cannot have multiple organisations of the same sphere of influence in the same domain.


Sphere: territorial and spiritual. Required skills and resources:

Can be a direct vassal of: Abbey / Monastic order / Monastic state / Priory.


Independence tax: 5%.

Transfer tax: 25% every 1000 arpents of distance. This tax is levied on each transfer made to this organisation. Half of the amount of this tax is deducted from the amount collected by the recipient, so that both parties contribute to the transfer costs.


Units: Friars. Under siege: -5.


The superior rules a convent.

Honorary predicate: The Father Superior.
Oral address: Dear Father.

Honorary predicate: The Mother Superior.
Oral address: Dear Mother.

×3. . Skills: Ceremony 3/lvl, Prayer 2/lvl.


This action takes place in one of the following buildings: Chapter house / Places of worship / Public buildings. Required skills and resources:

Requires approval of the following characters:

  • The last holder of less than 24 hours ago (ignored in case of insurrection).