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A comedian or comic, is a person who seeks to entertain an audience, primarily by making them laugh. This might be through jokes or amusing situations, or acting a fool. A comedian who addresses an audience directly is called a stand-up comic. A popular saying is, "A comic says funny things; a comedian says things funny", which draws a distinction between how much of the comedy can be attributed to verbal content and how much to acting and persona.


No domain.
This action takes place on one of the following buildings: Theatre / School / Guild house. You are currently on a bare ground.

×1. Skills: Acting 5/lvl, Writing 2/lvl, Clothing 1/lvl, Looting 1/lvl. Detection radius: 0/2 arpent(s).  500.


Ch / Ag. Training ground: Theatre / School / Guild house. Equipment: Stage costumes 15. This training is possible in the following types of organizations: Academy / Guild / Urbanity / High nobility / Medium nobility / Low nobility / Village. Maximum: 5% of the domain's population.

Automatic actions

Theatre show. Compose: Theatre pieces.

Union of Comedians

Lunafreya “Her Whiteness”, President of the trade union, Lorenzo Jagiellonen-Fleuret Oppenheimer, Trade unionist, Rataud Seyr, Trade unionist, Brandon Nightveil, Trade unionist, Francesca d'Oria, Trade unionist, Alaine Ødger Blackmere, Trade unionist, Arwen “Golden Petal”, Trade unionist, Elias Waldeck Mcblaye, Trade unionist.

Patronal feasts

Saint Genesius (1629853200) 20, Saint Julian (1613091600) 10, Saint Maturinus (1635728400) 10, Saint Lawrence (1628557200) 5 to their happiness and all their skills.

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