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The [URL=/help/res?type=lbow]longbow[/URL] is an evolution of the [URL=/help/res?type=bow]bow[/URL]. It is a very powerful bow, about six feet long, very used both for hunting and warfare. The shooting rate is much higher than that of crossbows. The opponent is then subjected to a rain of arrows, which makes effective a long-range shot where the loss of precision caused by the distance is compensated by the amount of arrows sent. This is a huge difference compared to the crossbow that is used in tight fire and that necessarily becomes less precise with the distance.

Domain of Turturpunk
Terra Occidentalis

Maximum: 5% of the domain's population. This domain can train up to 1 unit(s) of this type.
This action takes place on one of the following buildings: Barracks. You are currently on a bare ground.

×1. Skills: Ranged combat 5/lvl, Melee combat 2/lvl. Detection radius: 8/16 arpent(s).  500.


Ag / St. Training ground: Barracks. Equipment: Longbows 10, Arrows 240, Quivers 10, Mail shirts 10, Short swords 10, optional: Brigandines 10, Ropes 5. This training is possible in the following types of organisations: Low nobility / Medium nobility / High nobility (except Tsardom / Archduchy / Grand Duchy / Grand Principality / Landgraviate / Margraviate / Burgraviate). Maximum: 5% of the domain's population.


Ranged combat (Longbows, Arrows), 1-5 arpent(s),  1″.

Patronal feasts

Saint Sebastian (1642640400) 20, Saint Martin (1668128400) 5 to their happiness and all their skills.