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Fantassins armés d'une pique longue de plusieurs mètres, les piquiers constituent la base des armées. Leur principale fonction est de bloquer les charges de cavalerie.


No domain.
This action takes place on one of the following buildings: Barracks. You are currently on a bare ground.

×1. Skills: Hast weapons 5/lvl, Melee combat 3/lvl, Intimidation 3/lvl, Looting 1/lvl. Detection radius: 8/16 arpent(s).  500.


St / Co. Training ground: Barracks. Equipment: Pikes 10, Chainmail hauberks 10, Helmets 10, Short swords 10, optional: Breastplates 10, Arm armours 20, Ladders 5, Ropes 5. This training is possible in the following types of organizations: Low nobility / Medium nobility / High nobility / States. Maximum: 20% of the domain's population.


Hast weapons (Pikes). Melee combat (Short swords).

Patronal feasts

Saint Martin (1636592400) 15, Saint Morris (1632272400) 15 to their happiness and all their skills.

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