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[H2]Unique account[/H2] Each user account allows a single user to manage multiple characters and organizations. In order to ensure an equitable distribution of the server's resources and prevent unfair advantages, each physical user is allowed to create and use only one user account in Lands of Lords. Account sitting, or accessing another user's account for any reason is forbidden. Creating or using a new account is allowed only after deleting the previous one. A player leaving the game should have his account deleted. The use of VPN (virtual private networks) is prohibited. Moderators can detect users connecting from the same IP address or through a VPN. They are authorized to take the appropriate measures and in particular, suspend the user's account, without notice or justification.
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[H2]Rules of the game[/H2] Lands of Lords offers the user the game in the available version of the moment. As a contribution to the proper functioning of the game, it is advisable for the user to always correctly indicate the defects occurring in the game and to report them by indicating any error message received. The rules of the game are described, in the most accurate and precise manner possible, in the [URL=/help]online help[/URL]. Lands of Lords reserves the right to change these rules and mechanisms without any prior notice, with the constant concern to improve the game, its performance, its capacity to host more users, to fix issues, situations of abuse or imbalances, in the context of technical and financial constraints beyond the control of users. For all these reasons, users can not require changes to the rules of the game or the addition of new features, even if they are convinced that these requirements are popular with other users of the site.
[H2]Sustainability and Intellectual Property[/H2] Lands of Lords offers its users a gaming platform whose sole purpose is to entertain. The user can not in any case claim that the time spent on the site constitutes a work entitling him to any obligation or compensation. The user must be aware of the volatile nature of everything he creates on the site. He is not the owner of the result of his actions in the game. Any situation, possession or advantage acquired in the game might be lost at any time, either because of his interactions with other players, after an unfavorable change in the rules of the game, a technical incident or the interruption of the service. Although Lands of Lords is committed to doing everything possible to avoid unfair situations, the user can not demand compensation for any loss suffered in the game, for whatever reasons. The user owns the texts he publishes on the site. However, Lands of Lords reserves the right to remove or censor publications that do not comply with its obligations as a user of the site, or require that the necessary modifications be made to it.
[H2]Privacy[/H2] Lands of Lords commits to never disseminate or communicate the personal information of a user to a third party, in particular the e-mail address used to register on the site. Only the site administrator has access to this information. Private communication between users is strictly private. However, the recipients of a message are allowed to forward this message to a moderator, if they consider that this message constitutes an offense towards them, in accordance with the conditions of use of the site. For the sake of moderation, Lands of Lords reserves the right to keep a record of the violations observed for each user who is the subject of the submission. This information can be consulted by the moderators and by the user concerned, and is automatically deleted after a one-year period without any further violation, or with the deletion of the user's account. Lands of Lords uses cookies to store information on the user's computer: connection and session identifier, language used. Some pages are also likely to use cookies from other sites: [*] Social networks: allowing the user to share links with his friends; [*] Advertising agencies: only for the non subscribers.
[H2]Role play[/H2] Lands of Lords is a role-playing game. Each user embodies one or more characters and each of the messages or publications written by the user is supposed to be written or expressed by one of his characters. The user must therefore express himself as his character would, according to his interlocutors and the situations he encounters. The use of formal language is highly recommended, as well as respect for the titles, in order to maintain this climate of role play. The user is however entirely responsible for what he writes or expresses in the name of his characters, and must of course respect his obligations as a user of the site. The art of role-playing consists in interpreting all the concrete situations encountered in the game, as absurd as they may be, as situations actually experienced by the characters. The player does not decide the reality of the facts; they are imposed on him and he must simply interpret and adapt to them: [*] The world is square. [*] The calendar used in the game is the terrestrial calendar and the time used by all is the time of the server (GMT) visible at the top of the screen, whatever the position on the map or the user's time zone. [*] Even if actions are faster than they would be in the real world, time units remain days, hours, minutes and seconds of the server clock; there is no justification for the invention of other so-called more realistic calendars. [*] Since Lands of Lords hosts users in different time zones, there is no difference between day and night; people work day and night on an ongoing basis and never sleep. [*] Characters are born in the adult state and do not age. [*] Characters, units, buildings, resources, organizations, titles, are defined as precisely as possible; a player can not invent titles, magical powers or other specific features that are not specified in the rules of the game. Generally, a player can not declare an event, a material or immaterial possession, that could not be concretized in the game.
[H2]Community[/H2] Lands of Lords recognizes only one community: the community of players registered on the site. Interactions between players are defined by in-game encounters, as well as feudal ties connecting each character with their own direct vassals and overlords, without a player being allowed, regardless of the importance of their titles, to interact directly with a wider group of players. The use of external communication networks between players must remain in the private sphere, outside the game, and must in no case replace interactions between characters as defined in the game. The use of such networks to exchange information, form alliances, plan battles or any other event having a direct influence on the game, bypassing internal communication constraints, is prohibited and may be penalized.
[H2]Moderators[/H2] Moderators are community volunteers who, among other responsibilities, ensure that the users comply with the Conditions of Use and are not obstructed by excessive behaviors. They protect the community and the game from unfair attitudes, by evaluating situations impartially and taking the appropriate measures. The Moderators will try to mediate between users when anti-game conflicts arise, but are allowed to take immediate actions, which includes temporary or permanent banishment, depending on the severity and nature of the violation. Openly disrespecting the mission of the Moderators, their decisions, or refusing to dialogue with them, can be considered as violations of the Conditions of Use.
[H2]LOL+[/H2] Lands of Lords offers all of the game features for free to all registered users. LOL+ is an optional paid subscription, offering users some benefits in the game. These benefits are described on the subscription page. Details of the benefits offered by the LOL+ option, as well as the rates and duration of the subscription, may be changed at any time without notice and without any obligation or indemnity. The LOL+ subscription is associated with the user's account. It can not be transferred to another user account. If the account is deleted, either by the user himself or by the site administrator, any LOL+ subscription that has not expired is immediately interrupted, without the user being able to demand any compensation whatsoever. The user can not in any case demand the refund of his LOL+ subscription, for any reason whatsoever.
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