Ambrosia Tar'Conantur

President of the Reindeer Hunters Company, Hamlet chief of Conanturland, Knight of the Order of Denar and Merchants, Member of the Bison Hunters, Fur Producers and Deer Hunters Company, Member of the Union of Trappers

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Armorial Reindeer Hunters Company

Reindeer Hunters Company

Reindeer Hunters Company

Founded on 1618643144

Important Characters: Ambrosia Tar'Conantur: President of the company, Kiana “La Protectrice”: Associate, Pavel Parva: Associate, Lucifer “Dark Lord”: Associate, Pol del Fueyo: Associate, Mitzrael Mafate: Associate, Adelia Bergman: Associate, Rafael Santiago: Associate.

Reindeer Hunters Company


Sphere: commercial
0 inhabitants in the domain

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