Dimitri Kvf

President of the Teak Forests Company, Priest of Grenier, Village chief of Grenier and W S Co, Officer of the Order of Blessed, Builders, Merit and Merchants, Knight of the Order of Ancients, Rulers, Believers and Denar, Member of the Hevea Forests, Mahogany Forests and Rosewood Forests Company, Member of the Union of Loggers

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Armorial Teak Forests Company

Teak Forests Company

Teak Forests Company

Founded on 1618643145
County of Toscana, Bishopric of Florencia, Kaldor

Important Characters: Dimitri Kvf: President of the company, Nivvdiy “Le Reveur”: Associate, Lygie Merovingios: Associate, Piotr “Drovosek”: Associate, Abdull Zuma: Associate, Neo Zuma: Associate, Felicia del Norte: Associate, Tianqi Dharmadjiee: Associate.

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Teak Forests Company

4 227.22

Sphere: commercial
4852 inhabitants in the domain (minimum: 1000)

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