Floyd Brin

President of the Union of Cattle Ranchers, Lord of District Thirteen, Officer of the Order of Ancients and Merchants, Knight of the Order of Rulers, Blessed, Builders, Merit and Denar, Member of the Cheese Producers, Dairy Products and Butter Producers Company

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Armorial Union of Cattle Ranchers

Union of Cattle Ranchers

Union of Cattle Ranchers

Founded on 1618643147

Important Characters: Floyd Brin: President of the trade union, Gatina Alshar: Trade unionist, Catherine Skert: Trade unionist, Atris Leblanc: Trade unionist, Cecilia Grimwald: Trade unionist, Ossman Defson: Trade unionist, Beatrice Jagiellonen-Fleuret Von Bernkastel: Trade unionist, Kára “Þrakía”: Trade unionist.

Union of Cattle Ranchers


Sphere: professional
0 inhabitants in the domain (minimum: 1000)

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