Clotilde Armagnac

President of the Union of Resin Burners, Lady of Armagnacland, Priestess of Armagnacland, Officer of the Order of Rulers and Merit, Knight of the Order of Believers, Blessed, Builders, Denar, Military Valour and Merchants, Member of the Pitch Producers Company

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Armorial Union of Resin Burners

Union of Resin Burners

Union of Resin Burners

Founded on 1618643147

Important Characters: Clotilde Armagnac: President of the trade union, Ezili Freda Loa: Trade unionist, Hylde Salmeria: Trade unionist, Noah Barbarossa: Trade unionist, Peronella Primus: Trade unionist, Baudouin “Brise Bouclier”: Trade unionist, Henry Malatesta: Trade unionist, Caleb Fon Rusich: Trade unionist.

Union of Resin Burners


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