Grad Skert

President of the Union of Swineherds, President of the Pig Breeders Company, Commander of the Order of Ancients and Merchants, Village chief of Skertland, Officer of the Order of Blessed and Denar, Knight of the Order of Rulers, Builders and Merit, Member of the Union of Market gardeners, Coopers and Refiners, Member of the Granite Quarries, Emerald Mines and Basket Makers Company

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Armorial Union of Swineherds

Union of Swineherds

Union of Swineherds

Founded on 1618643147
City-state of Big Factory, Nessos

Important Characters: Grad Skert: President of the trade union, Jade “Poupon”: Trade unionist, Élinor Grimaldi: Trade unionist, Adélard Pincefort: Trade unionist, Archibald “Celay III”: Trade unionist, Colleen Piceous: Trade unionist, Cruella Volkoffs: Trade unionist, Loras Malatesta: Trade unionist.

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Union of Swineherds


Sphere: professional
5314 inhabitants in the domain (minimum: 1000)

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