Andrei Kuragin

Elector de Hyperion, Duke of Arkaim, Grand master of the Order of Builders, Grand cross of the Order of Blessed and Merit, Grand officer of the Order of Rulers, Baron of Arkaim, Commander of the Order of Denar, Military Valour and Merchants, Officer of the Order of Holy Spirit, Knight of the Order of Ancients and War Cross, Member of the Union of Alchemists and Winemakers, Member of the Horticulturists, Winegrowers and Saltpeter Producers Company

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Armorial Order of the Builders

Order of the Builders

Order of the Builders

Founded on 1618643060

The Order of Builders distinguishes the characters who own the most prestigious buildings. The number of points for each character is equal to the value of the fifty most expensive buildings in their possession.

Important Characters: Andrei Kuragin: Grand master of the Order.


Order of the Builders


Sphere: honorary

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