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Help Release notes

[B]2021-04-29[/B] [*] [URL=/help/work]Work in progress[/URL]: this new section will contains the detail of all current work and planned tasks or updates. It will eventually replace the Release notes. [B]2021-04-27[/B] [*] Specializations and upgrades: upgrading a workshop to forge removes the workshop's specialization if it is incompatible with forge. [B]2021-04-26[/B] [*] Slavery is abolished: settlers can only work inside their domain. They actually have no reason to leave their domain at all. [B]2021-04-10[/B] LOL7 [*] New beginning: the tutorial has been replaced with an initial hamlet automatically created on startup, including a farm, a few houses, up to three specialized facilities and units depending on the surroundings of the domain. [*] NPC sales: XXXXX now sells unlimited quantities of resources of the lowest quality and the highest price. It gives you access to any resource from anywhere. [*] [URL=/help/act?type=expand]Expansion[/URL]: the expansion radius of a domain automatically grows independently of the population. It allows larger expansions on the map. However, expansions beyond 40 arpents only lets you build roads and connect to a neighbor, but anyone can settle beyond this radius without being considered hostile. Moreover, each [URL=/help/bld]building type[/URL] defines a maximum distance from the center of the domain, ranging from 8 arpents for hyper-central buildings like city halls or cathedrals, to 24 or 32 arpents for the agricultural areas.
[B]2021-03-10[/B] [*] [COLOR=red]Devastation of [URL=/help/cult?type=oveash]Ovë Ash[/URL][/COLOR]. [B]2021-03-08[/B] [*] Housing and storage capacity: it is now possible to build or repair manually beyond the domain's capacity. As with incompatible buildings, the action will be available in the [I]other actions[/I] and its duration and quality will be affected. Of course, it won't exceed the calculated housing or storage capacity of the domain, but will allow you to build some buildings you absolutely need in your domain. [*] [URL=/help/bld?type=lthouse]Lighthouses[/URL]: incompatible lighthouses don't give access to the inter-regional market. Reminder: lighthouses are supposed to belong to a urban organization (a town, a city or a city-state). [B]2021-03-07[/B] LOL6 Organizations: [*] Organizations of type [I]domain[/I] have been renamed [URL=/help/org?type=hamlet]hamlets[/URL]. The term [I]domain[/I] will continue to be used to refer to the territory and all the organizations it contains. [*] [URL=/help/org/monastic]Regular clergy[/URL]: [URL=/help/org?type=priory]priories[/URL] and [URL=/help/org?type=priory]abbeys[/URL] are now territorial organizations, which means that they must be created in a separate dedicated domain: a [URL=/help/org?type=rfound]religious foundation[/URL], which is the religious equivalent of a secular hamlet. [COLOR=red]All existing priories and abbeys have been automatically liquidated.[/COLOR] [*] Non-territorial temporal organizations: [URL=/help/org/hnob]high nobility[/URL] and [URL=/help/org/state]states[/URL] are now non-territorial organizations. They must be founded in an existing domain. As non-territorial organizations, it is now possible to move their seat from a capital to another, and they can bear a different name from their capital city. [COLOR=red]All existing empires, tsardoms, kingdoms, archduchies, grand principalities, grand duchies, vice-kingdoms, principalities, duchies and federations have been automatically converted to cities.[/COLOR] [*] [URL=/help/org]Organizations[/URL]: many changes have been made to organization prerequisites, required acceptors, vassalage relationships, compatible buildings and units, population and storage capacity… [*] Regalia: founding or promoting an organization doesn't require handcrafted crowns, scepters, orbs or mantles anymore. These resources are deprecated and you can only sell off your existing stocks; they are replaced with a fixed amount you have to pay to access the title. Some organizations also require [URL=/help/res?type=relics]regalia[/URL], that you need to keep in the domain to avoid a demotion. [*] Population capacity: the maximum population capacity of a domain is the sum of the capacities of all its organizations, limited to 50k inhabitants; the +1 inhabitant bonus per day applies over this limit. Note that the actual population capacity of a domain is limited to this maximum: for example, a city demoted to a village will have the capacity of a village. [*] Vassalage surtax: the vassalage surtax in function of the distance between a vassal and a suzerain is now payable by the suzerain. Actually, it is still paid by the vassal, but deducted from the amount of tax paid to the suzerain. Management: [*] Selling gold to the NPC: [URL=/help/res?type=gold]gold[/URL], precious metals and gemstones are safe haven. They have a narrow price range on the market. Now this specificity also applies to the sales to the NPC: you can sell more gold to XXXXX with less devaluation. [*] Incompatible buildings: they are not taken into account for the population or storage capacity of the domain. Moreover, no automatic action can be performed in an incompatible building. [*] Incompatible units: their experience level doesn't count in the calculation of skill bonuses. Moreover, an incompatible unit never gains experience points and never perform automatic actions. [*] [URL=/help/act?type=train]Training[/URL]: it is now possible to take possession of a unit of the same domain, even if it already belongs to another organization of the domain. The unit only has to be in an appropriate training place of the target organization. If the training doesn't change the type of unit and only consists in a transfer from an organization to another, no XP will be lost. [*] [URL=/help/unit/population]Population flow[/URL]: negative population flow doesn't result in an immediate departure, but in a happiness penalty ranging from [COLOR=red]-0%[/COLOR] to [COLOR=red]-50%[/COLOR] in function of overpopulation. Only units reaching 0% happiness will leave a domain. [*] Insurrection: it's now possible to manage an organization under insurrection and still control the units. Apart from that, an organization under insurrection is similar to an abandoned organization: no automatic actions, no automatic purchases, no automatic sales, no wages, no local tax, no vassalage tax, happiness penalty, accelerated building decay, and the organization can be subjugated. Combat: [*] [ICON=mil.png] Leadership: troops fighting far from their home domain have an extra penalty based on distance. This penalty can only be reduced by sending military commanders on the battlefield; the penalty is reduced by the leadership skill bonuses of all surrounding commanders (the lord, a seneschal, a marshal...) of the unit. [*] Mortal combat: units can be killed again during combat. Only characters won't die and can only be killed through an execution. Note that there is still a truce to protect you from mass exterminations. [*] [URL=/help/act?type=siege]Siege[/URL]: this new action can only be performed by a military character, with leadership skill. A besieged domain has no access to the market or the connected neighbors. The besieged organizations pay no vassalage tax. Moreover, a siege can push an organization to insurrection, even if the holder is present in the domain. [*] [URL=/help/act?type=occupy]Occupy[/URL]: this action now focuses on local effects in the occupied building. [*] [URL=/help/act?type=subject]Subjugation[/URL]: abandoned or insurgent organizations can be subjugated unilaterally. [*] Conquest: this action has been removed.
[B]2021-02-01[/B] [*] Distance surtax: each organization pays a surtax on the [URL=/help/org/finances#vtax]vassalage tax[/URL], in function of the type of vassal and the distance to the parent organization. This surtax can range from 5% every 100 arpents (for the lowest ranks) to 5% every 1000 arpents (for the highest ranks), and cannot exceed 100% of the vassalage tax paid. [*] Distance penalty: the distance [URL=/help/skill/calculation]skill penalty[/URL] based on the distance of a unit from its home domain has been halved. However this penalty now affects happiness (homesickness) as well as skills. [*] [URL=/help/cal]Patronage feasts[/URL]: the patronage bonuses now affect happiness as well as skills.
[B]2021-01-30[/B] [*] Influence: the system of influence has been abolished. [B]2021-01-26[/B] [*] [URL=/help/act?type=intrude]Intrusion[/URL]: intrusion is no longer automatic at the end of a movement. It is only possible by dragging and dropping one unit at a time into an inner slot [BTN=tab.slot.png], and will fail if another intrusion or a combat is in progress in the same area. [B]2021-01-23[/B] [*] Birthdays: you can find in your [URL=/help/cal]almanac[/URL] the birthday of your characters and their spouses. You will also receive a notification on the birthday of one of the characters you follow. Give them a gift to collect tokens! [B]2021-01-22[/B] [*] Automatic purchase maximum price: by default, automatic purchases are performed with a maximum price equal to the market price +25%. You can now set a different fixed maximum price for your automatic purchases. [B]2021-01-21[/B] [*] [URL=/help/cal]Almanac[/URL]: some special days, like [URL=/help/cal/2]Candlemas[/URL] or [URL=/help/cal/2]Mardi Gras[/URL], will generate an exceptional demand in addition to the normal consumption. Some other feasts, like [URL=/help/cal/2]Valentine's day[/URL], will have very specific effects, as described in the almanac. Some other new special days are already planned and will be added on the fly, including personal birthdays and anniversaries… [*] Week days: the day of the week has an effect on your units stats and skills. You can check the [URL=/help/cal]almanac[/URL] page (right column), or the [URL=/index]home page[/URL] for the current day. Friday the 13t will have special deadly effects; next one is in [URL=/help/cal/8]August[/URL] this year. [B]2021-01-19[/B] [*] Relics: they are regenerated every year, on a fixed date in the [URL=/help/cal]calendar[/URL]. For example, the [URL=/help/res?type=brasero]Brazier of the Eternal Flame[/URL] will disappear on the 21st of January, and reappear elsewhere in the following hours or days. Note that the new relics are hidden and only the characters within a given range of detection can actually locate the new relic from the help page, and this range increases over time. The new action [URL=/help/act?type=reveal]Reveal[/URL] allows a character who knows the location of a new relic to make it visible and locatable by everyone. [B]2021-01-15[/B] [*] Reinforced [URL=/help/bld/wall]fortifications[/URL]: new levels of walls, towers and gates have been added. These reinforced fortifications have stronger masonry and mounds, giving them better resistance against cannon balls. [I]Note that reinforced diagonal gates have not been implemented yet.[/I] [*] [URL=/help/res?type=cannon]Cannons[/URL]: the offensive bonus of cannons has been decreased to [COLOR=green]+120[/COLOR]. [B]2021-01-06[/B] [*] [URL=/help/bld/tree]Trees[/URL] and temperatures: some trees do not survive extreme temperatures. Depending on their type, trees can die if they stay too long exposed to frost or very high heat.
[B]2020-12-23[/B] [*] [URL=/help/cal/12]Christmas[/URL]: the 25th of December will be a [COLOR=gold][B]free LOL+ day[/B][/COLOR]. [B]2020-12-17[/B] [*] [URL=/help/res/stock]Stocks[/URL]: stock management page doesn't display empty stocks anymore. If you want to access the management page of a resource you don't have in stock, you should access it from another tab, from the search button [ICON=search.png] or from any other [I]Manage this resource[/I] link. [B]2020-12-06[/B] [*] [URL=/help/act?type=demote]Demotion[/URL]: a hereditary organization cannot be demoted to a non-hereditary organization. [B]2020-12-02[/B] [*] [URL=/help/act?type=excom]Excommunication[/URL]: this action has been completely reworked. It's now a temporary action, like a strike or embargo, aimed at a family, and with no condition of offense. The excommunicated family doesn't lose any title anymore, but the family members are deprived of some actions. Read the [URL=/help/act?type=excom]description[/URL] for the details. [*] [URL=/help/org?type=citystat]City-state[/URL]: a city-state can now have [URL=/help/org?type=lordship]lordships[/URL] as direct vassals. The titles of marshals are replaced with two titles of lieutenants generals, in order to conform with [URL=/help/org?type=duchy]duchies[/URL].
[B]2020-11-28[/B] [*] Building prices: the value of buildings is being recalculated based on the actual price of building materials in the market, rather than on theoretical prices that do not correspond to reality. The new prices are therefore lower than the previous ones. [B]2020-11-27[/B] [*] [URL=/act?type=liquid]Liquidation[/URL]: when an organization is liquidated, its buildings are automatically sold to the domain. This automatic sale can also prevent automatic liquidations, in case of bankruptcy. [*] Maximum position: the new maximum position is now active. [B]2020-11-26[/B] [*] Maximum position: the calculation of selling limits is changing, to allow better equity between the different sellers, by reducing the effect of stocks on the calculation of the market share of each organization, and by reducing over-selling. The new [I]Maximum position[/I] is displayed in gray and will take effect in a few days. [B]2020-11-24[/B] [*] Automatic building acquisition: it is now possible to found a new domain from the square of a previously liquidated domain. The abandoned buildings already present in the domain are automatically acquired by the new organization, at the rate of one building per day, from closest to farthest from the central square; you can still purchase the buildings yourself, as before. This automatic acquisition also applies to domain expansions. [B]2020-11-22[/B] [*] [URL=/help/bld?type=weirwood]Weirwoods[/URL]: they form a network allowing all the characters on a weirwood tree to chat with each other. [B]2020-11-15[/B] [*] Offense propagation: some of the offense generated by an organization is propagated up the hierarchy. This propagation is not immediate and may take some time to reach the top of the hierarchy. [*] [URL=/help/act?type=excom]Excommunication[/URL]: only evil [ICON=evil.png] characters can be excommunicated. The [I]evil[/I] status is a step ahead of the [I]offensive[/I] [ICON=offense.png] and [I]outrageous[/I] [ICON=guilty.png] (renamed [I]guilty[/I]) statuses, respectively used for [URL=/help/act?type=capture]capture[/URL] and [URL=/help/act?type=exec]execution[/URL]. [*] The [URL=/rank/anc]Order of the Ancients[/URL] has changed its blazon. The new [URL=/rank/mrt]Order of Merit[/URL] distinguishes characters based on their overall progress. This order takes the heraldic attributes of the former Order of the Ancients. [B]2020-11-07[/B] [*] [URL=/help/act?type=capture]Capture[/URL] and [URL=/help/act?type=release]release[/URL]: it is now possible to capture an offensive stunned unit even if it is busy. In order to release a prisoner, stunning is not enough: you need to defeat the keeper. [B]2020-11-06[/B] [*] Units without a titular leader: units have a [COLOR=red]-10[/COLOR] happiness penalty if their organization doesn't have a titular holder, which includes organizations in regency. Note that the full [COLOR=red]-50[/COLOR] penalty for abandoned organization only applies if the organization has no manager at all. [B]2020-11-04[/B] [*] Truce [ICON=truce.png]: truce is only for protecting the domain, not for allowing conquest. It has been adjusted so that damaging or destroying buildings weights more than defeating units, especially when it affects the housing capacity of the domain. [*] [URL=/help/act?type=conquer]Conquest[/URL]: an organization can be conquered only if it is in insurrection [ICON=error.png]. Attacks against units affect the insurrection status of organizations. [B]2020-11-03[/B] [*] [URL=/help/org/status]Insurrection[/URL]: since an organization in insurrection can be [URL=/help/act?type=conquer]conquered[/URL], the status of insurrection has been modified, so that it is still possible to manage finances and resources during an insurrection. Only the units remain uncontrollable. [B]2020-11-02[/B] [*] [URL=/help/org/titles]Title limits[/URL]: each title occupies a certain number of slots [ICON=slot1.png][ICON=slot1.png][ICON=slot1.png], as defined in the [URL=/help/org]organizations[/URL] help pages. Each player has 25 slots (+1 per year of seniority), which must be distributed among the characters, with a maximum of 10 slots (+1 per year of seniority) per character. LOL+ accounts have 5 additional slots. [*] New offense system [ICON=offense.png]: each offensive action increments a counter on the character who triggers the action. The offensive status of a character is visible on its portrait: inoffensive, offensive [ICON=offense.png], or outrageous [ICON=guilty.png] when the offense reaches a very high value. Offenses decrease automatically and proportionally over time. Note that one part of the offense generated by an action is propagated to the other characters of the same family, and if the action is using units, to the other controllers of those units. [*] [URL=/help/act?type=capture]Capture[/URL] and [URL=/help/act?type=release]Release[/URL]: only offensive [ICON=offense.png] (or outrageous) characters can be captured; they can release themselves as soon as they become inoffensive. Prisoners are no longer considered as automatic acceptors. [*] [URL=/help/act?type=exec]Execution[/URL]: only outrageous [ICON=guilty.png] characters or units can be executed. [*] [URL=/help/act?type=excom]Excommunication[/URL]: only popes and patriarchs can excommunicate, and only outrageous [ICON=guilty.png] characters can be excommunicated. It doesn't require to capture the character and can be done from a distance, just like a [URL=/help/act?type=revoke]revocation[/URL]. The victim of excommunication automatically becomes [URL=/help/act?type=regent]Regent[/URL] of the organization. [*] New truce system: each attack against a unit or a building increases a hidden truce value in the domain, depending on the proportional value of the unit or building. Civilian units and buildings are protected against attacks when the truce value reaches a certain threshold [ICON=truce.png]; this threshold is doubled [ICON=truce.png] [ICON=truce.png] for attacks against military units or buildings. The truce value decreases automatically and proportionally over time. Note that characters are not protected by truces, and units are protected against attacks (never against ripostes) only in their home domain. [*] [URL=/help/act?type=subject]Subjugation[/URL]: doesn't require capture anymore. An organization can be subjugated if it is in insurrection or if a truce was triggered in the domain. [*] [URL=/help/act?type=indep]Independence[/URL]: claiming independence costs an immediate 10% vassalage tax. [*] [URL=/help/act?type=conquer]Conquest[/URL]: an organization can be conquered if it is in insurrection or if a truce was triggered in the domain. The conqueror gains a title with some management powers in the organization. The owner can revoke the conqueror by [URL=/help/act?type=reconq]reconquering[/URL] the organization, once the conqueror has been driven from the domain. [*] [URL=/help/act?type=occupy]Occupying[/URL]: when a building is occupied, it is automatically unlocked. The occupier is no longer considered as a temporary owner of the building. [*] [URL=/help/act?type=claim]Claiming[/URL]: it is no longer possible to claim an organization that belongs to another character, even if the organization is in insurrection. [*] [URL=/help/act?type=regent]Regency[/URL]: some organizations of high nobility can be temporarily soft-claimed as [I]Regent[/I], without religious ceremony. Being the regent is a bit different from being the titular holder, in terms of ownership, representation, vassal management and appointment of other officers. This is a big update and it will take a little while to update and translate all the help pages with these modifications. Thank you for your understanding.
[B]2020-10-13[/B] [*] Attack fatigue: successive automatic ripostes cause less and less fatigue. [*] Home attacks: offense is reduced by 5 when the attacker is defending its own domain. [*] Defeating: defeating a unit represents an offense equal to half the offense for killing the unit. [*] Destroying: destroying a building represents an offense that is added to the offense due to damages. [*] Offense propagation: the propagation of offense to the hierarchy and family members has been increased. [B]2020-10-07[/B] [*] Truce: a white flag is displayed on the unit's icon when an attack fails because of truce. The same white flag appears on the top-left of the grid when a building in truce is attacked. [*] Incompatible units: incompatible units die in combat.
[B]2020-09-28[/B] [*] Automatic actions: you can now set the automatic actions of a unit during its training. [B]2020-09-26[/B] [*] Message threads: when you read a message, you can load the previous and following messages exchanged with the same character. [*] New message: you can send a new message to a character, from the character's page, from the address book, or from the [ICON=search.png] search button by clicking the [ICON=message.png] icon next to a character's name. The page shows you the last message exchanged with this character and allows you to load the previous exchanges. [*] Address book: clicking on the address book opens a new message by default, unless you are already entering recipient names, in which case the entries in the address book will display a [ICON=add.png] icon to add the recipient to the list. [B]2020-09-25[/B] [*] Dropped resources: resources dropped inside an area are displayed in a frame; if the building is locked, they cannot be picked up by unauthorized units outside the building. [B]2020-09-24[/B] [*] Carriage: the effect of distance is now linear. [*] Price limit: the minimum limit price for a buy order is changed to the floor price + 5%, instead of floor price + 0.01; the maximum limit price for a sale order is changed to the ceil price - 5%, instead of ceil price - 0.01. [B]2020-09-21[/B] [*] Deferred orders: when you create an order, you can decide to make it immediate or deferred. Immediate orders (by default) are executed immediately in function of the existing matching orders, without creating a pending order; deferred orders will come online progressively (in quantity). The limit price is mandatory for a deferred order and optional for an immediate order. [*] Floating prices and qualities: the owner of a trading order and his potential customers don't see the exact same values of price and quality. The public values updated periodically and randomly in a range of +/-5% from the real values. However, the buyer will always pay the exact amount of his buy order and the seller will always receive the exact amount of his sale order. This difference is transparent for both of them. [*] Trading tax: reduced from 5% to 3%. [*] [] Editing a sale price : it's now possible to modify the price of a pending sale order. [*] Sales to XXXXX: only the owner of the organization can sell resources to XXXXX, which excludes seneschals and other resources managers. [*] Registration tax: [URL=/help/act?type=claim]claiming[/URL] an organization costs 5% registration fee if the new owner doesn't belong to the family of the previous owner. [B]2020-09-06[/B] [*] Automatic repairs: they are now grouped by categories of buildings. For example, you can set a bricklayer to repair all [URL=/help/bld/house]houses and dwellings[/URL], instead of checking each building type separately. Note that you will have to reconfigure your automatic repair actions to match these new settings. [*] Automatic move: by default, units can automatically move to another location for production or repair purpose. You can now disable this automatic move, for each unit individually, so that they always stay where you have put them. [B]2020-09-03[/B] [*] Actions sorted by relevance: action lists (and in particular construction actions) are now sorted by relevance, essentially the most common or required buildings first, depending on the context, and not in alphabetic order anymore. [*] New [URL=/help/bld?type=nswstrt]curved streets[/URL] are coming: they will allow to connect horizontal/vertical streets to diagonal streets, without needing a square. There will be 8 combinations of them, which will be added progressively. [*] [URL=/help/bld?type=square]Square[/URL]: standard squares must now be spaced two arpents apart. A new [URL=/help/bld?type=gsquare]Great square[/URL] building, available to nobility and urbanity, allows squares to be built over several acres. [*] Ranged combat: units without a proper ranged weapon (including civilians) can only attack on their location. No weird projectiles coming from everywhere anymore. [*] Siege units: [URL=/help/unit?type=cannon]cannons[/URL], [URL=/help/unit?type=catapult]catapults[/URL] and [URL=/help/unit?type=ram]battering rams[/URL] can be protected by other troops around them, which will take their position if they are attacked in melee. Like civilians, they don't participate in automatic ripostes anymore, unless they are attacked personally and nobody else can retaliate for them. [*] [URL=/help/act?type=intercpt]Interception[/URL]: a group of moving units can only be intercepted by at least the same number of military units. [*] Forest [URL=/help/act?type=road]roads[/URL]: building a road is equivalent to a partial removal of trees, so that we can better see where your roads go through the forest. It takes longer, but produces wood. Note that half the amount of wood is lost, compared to an equivalent normal tree felling. [*] Ruins: the removal of ruined buildings has been accelerated. They should disappear three times faster.
[B]2020-08-25[/B] [*] [URL=/help/act?type=intrude]Intrusion[/URL]: intruding some buildings give free access to some connected buildings. For example, you can freely access to a wall from an adjacent tower, or to a wing from an adjacent palace… This is defined in a new section [I]Intrusion[/I] in the buildings help pages. [*] [URL=/help/gnd]Ground modifiers[/URL]: combat penalties have been set to some geologic types, especially water or and humid areas. Note that the presence of a building can reduce or cancel the ground modifiers, depending on the type of building, its state and whether the unit is inside or outside the building. [*] [URL=/help/bld?type=hboom]Booms[/URL]: they can be built only between two towers distant of 1 arpent. [COLOR=red]The existing booms that don't fulfill this requisite will be deleted from the map.[/COLOR] If your fortification needs to cross a wide river or a bay, you will have to build a [URL=/help/act?type=dike]dike[/URL] to narrow the passage. [*] [URL=/help/bld?type=lthouse]Lighthouses[/URL]: they are assimilated to towers and can be part of a maritime fortification and can be built on a dike. [*] Raw material deposits: the calculation of productivity based on the quality of the deposit has been modified. [I]Note that every time you extract resources from the ground, the quality of the deposit decreases and is restored automatically at a rate that allows you to perform up to 10 productions per day without decreasing your production on the long term.[/I] [B]2020-08-20[/B] [*] [URL=/help/act?type=intrude]Intrusion[/URL]: a unit is considered outside the building if it is standing on one of the 20 peripheral slots; there is no [ICON=restricted.png] icon displayed on the unit anymore. Intrusion allows to access the central part of the area and will fail if there is no free central slot at the end of the action. The frame of the central area is displayed in red if access is restricted, and in gray if the building or area is public. [*] Attacks between insiders and outsiders: units in the central slots are protected from attacks coming from the external slots with an additional defensive bonus equal to the building's tightness ([ICON=restricted.png]). Outsiders are also protected from attacks coming from inside with a defensive bonus equal to half the building's tightness. The tightness values of buildings and the [URL=/help/act?type=intrude]intrusion[/URL] action have been adjusted accordingly. Note that if the building is open, these bonuses don't apply. [*] Busy defenders: units performing an action (intrusion, occupation or anything) are not penalized anymore when riposting to an attack. There was a [COLOR=red]-10[/COLOR] penalty when attacking while doing something else. [*] Stunned units [ICON=stunned.gif]: they cannot attack or riposte, but have a [COLOR=green]+20[/COLOR] defensive bonus for self-protection. [*] Military offense: offense has been reduced when attacking military units or buildings. [*] Tokens: they are meant to be used as continuously as possible and not hoarded indefinitely to prepare massive raids. Unused tokens will be lost at a rate of -0.1%/hour. [COLOR=red]This loss will become active in a week.[/COLOR] [B]2020-08-06[/B] [*] New ecclesiastical titles: [URL=/help/org?type=holysee]Holy See[/URL] and [URL=/help/org/cath]episcopal organizations[/URL] have new titles. Most of them are purely honorary. [URL=/help/org?type=patriarc]Patriarchate[/URL] (or Matriarchate) is a new rank between Primacy and Holy See. [B]2020-08-01[/B] [*] Dark mode: you can activate the dark mode by clicking the [BTN=mode.png] button in your account's settings. This feature is still in development and is subject to corrections or modifications.
[B]2020-07-23[/B] [*] Wounds and defeats: a defeated unit loses at least 50 days of lifespan (instead of 5), which means that an average standard unit can't survive more than 10 defeats. A defeated unit is stunned for at least 8 hours, before recovering. [*] Attack legitimacy: units receive a bonus or a malus when attacking an offender or a victim. This bonus/malus is based on the cumulative offenses between the attacker and the target. [*] Military leadership: alerts are only notified to the managers of the organization and its direct suzerain. A suzerain still has free access to its direct vassals, but not to the indirect vassals. [*] [URL=/help/act?type=occupy]Occupation[/URL]: an occupied building belongs to the occupier for the duration of the action. The occupier controls the access to the building and can attack intruders. [*] [URL=/help/act?type=loot]Looting[/URL]: the duration of the action has been significantly reduced. [URL=/help/unit?type=psoldier]Peasant soldiers[/URL] have now a skill bonus of +3/level. [*] Vassalage tax: the minimum vassalage tax is set to 3%. Independence tax remains unchanged (1%). Vassalage tax is paid even if the organization is abandoned or if the owner is kept prisoner. [*] [URL=/help/act?type=liquid]Liquidation[/URL]: only organizations in insurrection can be liquidated. Moreover, if the organization is abandoned, the liquidation can be performed by anyone.
[B]2020-06-19[/B] [*] Defeated units: a defeated unit suffers an additional stun [ICON=stunned.gif] of up to 8 hours. [*] Lost units: they suffer a happiness penalty of [COLOR=red]-10[/COLOR]. Their wage is paid normally. [*] [URL=/help/act?type=move]Moving[/URL] a lost unit back home: if the move is cancelled or intercepted, the unit will reappear physically only if the landing point is in its home domain. Otherwise, it will be lost again. [*] [URL=/help/act?type=intercpt]Interception[/URL]: it is possible to use this action to make reappear a lost unit that you don't control, if you know its location and if it is no longer stunned. It should mostly concern lost characters, since other units are more difficult to locate and anyway, they can only reappear in their home domain. [*] [URL=/help/act?type=capture]Capture[/URL]: any stunned unit can be captured, without having to be wounded down to 0%. Capturing a unit can trigger a riposte, and as soon as the keeper is stunned, the unit is automatically released. [*] Locate and Select: it is now possible to locate and select your character from the character's page. A new link [I]Manage unit[/I] also gives you access to the character's unit management page. [*] Deleting secondary characters: a character without titles can be deleted from the pop-up panel, like any other unit, after one day and only after full recovery. [*] Influence penalties: [COLOR=red]the happiness penalty is now active[/COLOR]. [B]2020-06-16[/B] [*] Combat: wounds received in combat reduce the wounded unit's lifespan, decay equipment and increase experience. [I]A unit wounded down to 0% will lose around 5 days of lifespan and 10% of equipment quality.[/I] [*] Defeated units: units are not killed anymore in combat, unless their lifespan has been exceeded. The [I]defeated[/I] units disappear, with their equipment. They can only be selected from the unit management page and sent back to their domain, after they have recovered from stun and fatigue. In the meantime, they are considered lost, without money, without carried resource (dropped on the battlefield), and don't receive their salary. [*] Tokens and stun: units can be stunned after using tokens, in function of the number of tokens per unit and the distance from their home domain. The effect of distance has been attenuated. Characters not being associated to a domain, their calculation is based on a default minimum distance of 20 arpents, which means that characters can be stunned after using big amounts of tokens, regardless of their location. [*] Tokens and lifespan: using tokens also has a slight effect on lifespan. Every token used by a unit decreases its lifespan by 5 seconds. [I]1000 tokens used by one unit will reduce lifespan by 1 hour and 23 minutes.[/I] [B]2020-06-09[/B] [*] [URL=/help/org/influence]Influence[/URL]: the influence calculation has been modified to create internal influence inside kingdoms and empires. Please read the help page [URL=/help/org/influence]here[/URL]. The happiness penalty has been deactivated for one week, so that you can reorganize your vassalic chains, before suffering happiness issues. Influences are now displayed publicly in the main page of your organizations.
[B]2020-05-31[/B] [*] [URL=/help/act?type=demote]Demotion[/URL] and propagation: demotion of an organization doesn't propagate immediately to its vassals anymore. For example, if a [URL=/help/org?type=kingdom]kingdom[/URL] is demoted to [URL=/help/org?type=duchy]duchy[/URL], its vassals will remain momentarily as duchies under a duchy. [*] Automatic demotion conditions: an organization is demotable if the number of vassals or distinct active players is lesser than the minimum, or if the suzerain is invalid (a duchy vassal of another duchy, or an independent duchy, for example). The population prerequisites (for [URL=/help/org?type=village]villages[/URL], [URL=/help/org?type=town]towns[/URL], [URL=/help/org?type=city]cities[/URL], as well as for non-demotable [URL=/help/org?type=guild]guilds[/URL], [URL=/help/org?type=academy]academies[/URL], [URL=/help/org?type=order]orders[/URL], [URL=/help/org?type=syndic]unions[/URL], [URL=/help/org?type=company]societies[/URL]) are now ignored. [*] Automatic demotion delay: the delay is now calculated in function of the missing prerequisites. It is cumulable with each successive situation of demotions. For example, if an organization misses its requisites multiple times, demotion will be each time faster. [*] [URL=/help/act?type=vassal]Vassalage[/URL] and [URL=/help/act?type=subject]Subjugation[/URL]: it's now possible to subjugate an organization as an incompatible vassal, if one of the [I]inlets[/I] of this organization type is a compatible vassal type. For example, a kingdom can now subjugate another kingdom, because the inlets for a [URL=/help/org?type=kingdom]kingdom[/URL] (vice-kingdom, duchy...) are valid vassals of a kingdom. The subjugated kingdom will start the automatic demotion process mentioned above. [B]2020-05-06[/B] [*] [URL=/help/org?type=syndic]Trade unions[/URL], [URL=/help/org?type=company]Commercial societies[/URL] and [URL=/help/org?type=order]Honorary orders[/URL]: these organizations now give some extra population/storage capacity when hosted in a domain. Some of them have a few requirements: you can't host them in a totally deserted domain. [B]2020-05-03[/B] [*] Immunity of characters: characters without titles can be killed. Non-revokable automatic titles are ignored; it concerns all titles due to rankings, consortship or peerage (even if consortship or peerage could easily be revoked indirectly). [B]2020-05-01[/B] [*] [URL=/help/act?type=strike]Strike[/URL]: the action can be cancelled only after three hours. [*] [URL=/help/act?type=strike]Strike[/URL]: the action generates a [I]personal[/I] offense between the trade unionist and all the affected leaders, in function of the number of unit affected for each of them. As a [I]personal[/I] offense, this offense is exceptionally not propagated to the members of the family, members of the organizations, suzerains, vassals, etc. [*] [URL=/help/act?type=strike]Strike[/URL]: the units with 100% happiness are not affected by strikes.
[B]2020-04-30[/B] [*] [URL=/help/cal/5]Labour Day[/URL]: in order to familiarize you with the new [URL=/help/act?type=strike]Strike[/URL] action, the 1st of May is a non-working day. All units are on [COLOR=red]general strike[/COLOR]. [B]2020-04-27[/B] [*] [URL=/help/org?type=syndic]Trade unions[/URL] and [URL=/help/org?type=company]Commercial societies[/URL]: these new types of organizations constitute a new system of character ranking based respectively on units and resources. The organizations for each type of unit and resource will be created progressively. In the future, these organizations should allow their managers to tune unit wages or resource prices globally. [*] [URL=/help/act?type=claim]Claiming[/URL]: correction of a bug related to the difference between the age of an organization and the age of the user account, that made the actions disappear from the page. [B]2020-04-24[/B] [*] [URL=/help/act?type=renew]Renewal[/URL]: correction of a bug on the duration. [B]2020-04-22[/B] [*] [URL=/help/org/status]Management status[/URL]: each organization has a management status bar that decreases when the lord is absent, in function of the domain's average happiness. The [URL=/help/act?type=renew]Renew[/URL] action allows the owner of an organization to reinitialize this status. When the status is down to 0%, the organization becomes unmanageable. All the roles in the organization are disabled; all acceptors are ignored, the heirs are disabled and the organization can be claimed by anyone. [*] [URL=/help/org?type=order]Honorary orders[/URL]: the Chancellor of an Order is not determined by the ranking, but appointed by the Grand master. When the Order changes its Grand master, it is automatically un-hosted until the new Grand master moves the organization's [URL=/help/act?type=seat]seat[/URL] to a territorial domain. [*] Grieving: each time a unit dies of violent death, all the other units of the same domain lose instant happiness, equal to the victim's happiness divided by the number of units in the domain. It is halved on military units. This loss doesn't affect the tendency, but the instant happiness. [*] [URL=/help/act?type=capture]Capture[/URL]: capture is now possible regardless of offenses. Only [URL=/help/act?type=release]self-release[/URL] requires that the prisoner is a victim of his/her jailer. [*] [URL=/help/act?type=occupy]Occupy[/URL]: the duration has been increased to 30 days and the fatigue is reduced. [*] [URL=/help/act?type=recycle]Demolish[/URL]: correction of a bug that made all recycled resources near 0% quality. [B]2020-04-13[/B] [*] [URL=/help/act?type=capture]Capture[/URL] and [URL=/help/act?type=release]Release[/URL]: it's not possible for an offender to capture one of their victims or keep them in captivity. The offense during captivity increases slowly but continuously. [*] [URL=/help/act?type=exec]Execution[/URL]: a prisoner can be executed by his victim. [*] Abandoned buildings: an abandoned building can not be repaired, specialized, consecrated… It has to be purchased to become fully functional. [B]2020-04-06[/B] [*] [URL=/help/org?type=command]Commandery[/URL]: a commander can name a seneschal. [*] Immunity by titles: characters without any title can be killed in combat. The very lowest titles (knights of a ranking order, brothers, members of an academy) are ignored. [B]2020-04-04[/B] [*] Attack limits: no attack is possible beyond 200% offense; civilian units and buildings can only be attacked under 100% offense. Civilian units are no longer immune to attacks under this threshold, the system of truce on building attacks is abandoned, and the offensive status has been removed from the units performing an offensive action: it's now all handled by the system of [URL=/help/act/offense]offenses[/URL] between characters. [*] [URL=/help/act?type=capture]Capture[/URL], [URL=/help/act?type=capture]Release[/URL] and Execution: these actions will be treated in an upcoming release. [*] Offense reset: all past offenses are being reset. [*] [URL=/help/act?type=claim]Claiming[/URL]: a character claiming an organization will inherit all the offenses committed by the previous owner of the organization, even if the previous owner is dead or has abandoned the domain a long time ago.
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