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Encyclopedia Cults

[H1]Cults[/H1] [CENTER][IMGR90X90=cult/fyndus.pt.jpg] [IMGR90X90=cult/kaabe.pt.jpg] [IMGR90X90=cult/baighon.pt.jpg] There are a multitude of deities competing for the souls of your people. [URL=/help/act?type=pray]Prayers[/URL] told by [URL=/help/unit?type=priest]priests[/URL], let all the inhabitants of a domain get the blessing of a god, in the form of skill bonuses, statistics bonuses, happiness bonuses… All theses bonuses are adjusted depending on the [I]quality[/I] of the prayer. They apply even to units that have moved beyond the borders of the domain. To start, build a [URL=/help/bld/cult]place of worship[/URL] in your estate, then [URL=/help/act?type=consec]devote it[/URL] to the deity of your choice.
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