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Encyclopedia Organisations

[H1]Organisations[/H1] [CENTER][IMGR90X90=org/domain.pt.jpg] [IMGR90X90=org/kingdom.pt.jpg] [IMGR90X90=org/parish.pt.jpg] An organisation is a [I]legal person[/I] in which characters have a title or function. The term [I]organisation[/I] refers to land domains as well as [URL=/help/org?type=cleric]clerical[/URL], [URL=/help/org?type=monastic]monastic[/URL] or non-territorial organisations of other kinds. To each territory of the map, containing [URL=/help/res]resources[/URL], [URL=/help/bld]buildings[/URL] and [URL=/help/unit/population]population[/URL], corresponds one or more organisations managed by different owners. These organisations can be independent or be part of larger sets, by becoming vassals or suzerains of other organisations.
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