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Encyclopedia Organisations Secular clergy


A parish is a territorial entity constituting a division within a diocese. A parish is under the pastoral care and clerical jurisdiction of a priest, often termed a parish priest, who might be assisted [URL=/help/org/cleric:parish][…][/URL]

. Sphere: spiritual. Possible outlets: Deanery / Archdeaconate.


A deanery (or decanate) is an ecclesiastical entity joining together several neighbouring parishes. [URL=/help/org/cleric:deanery][…][/URL]

. Sphere: spiritual. Prerequisite: Parish. Possible outlets: Archdeaconate / Bishopric / Great temple.

Great temple

As an organisation, the Great Temple is the seat of a religion, which is most often understood as a system of practices and beliefs for a group or community. It is often thought of as regards the relationship [URL=/help/org/cleric:gtemple][…][/URL]

. Sphere: temporal and spiritual. 400 arpents. Prerequisite: Deanery / Archdeaconate / Bishopric. Possible outlets: Bishopric / Archbishopric / Primacy / Patriarchate / Holy See.


A patriarchate is a region subject to the authority of a patriarch (or a matriarch). [URL=/help/org/cleric:patriarc][…][/URL]

. Sphere: temporal and spiritual. 800 arpents. Prerequisite: Primacy / Archbishopric / Great temple. Possible outlets: Holy See.

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