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Encyclopedia Organizations States


A principality (or princedom) can either be a monarchical feudatory or a sovereign state, ruled or reigned over by a monarch with the title of prince or by a monarch with another title within the generic [URL=/help/org/state:princip][…][/URL]

. Sphere: temporal. 400 arpents. Prerequisite: County / District. Possible outlets: Landgraviate / Grand Principality / Kingdom.


A city-state or free city is a city governed by itself and subjected only to the King or to the Emperor. The governor of a city-state receives the title of Doge, equivalent to a duke. [URL=/help/org/state:citystat][…][/URL]

. Sphere: territorial and temporal. 400 arpents. Prerequisite: City.

Great temple

As an organization, the Great Temple is the seat of a religion, which is most often understood as a system of practices and beliefs for a group or community. It is often thought of as regards the relationship [URL=/help/org/state:gtemple][…][/URL]

. Sphere: temporal and spiritual. 400 arpents. Prerequisite: Deanery / Archdeaconate / Bishopric. Possible outlets: Bishopric / Archbishopric / Primacy / Patriarchate / Holy See.


The federation is a typology of state organization, where, in accordance with the constitution, the power to make laws is distributed between a central legislative body and the legislative assemblies of [URL=/help/org/state:fed][…][/URL]

. Sphere: temporal. 960 arpents. Prerequisite: District. Possible outlets: Tsardom / Empire.

Grand Principality

The title grand prince or great prince ranks in honour below king and emperor and above a sovereign prince. Only direct vassals of an empire can receive this title. [URL=/help/org/state:gprincip][…][/URL]

. Sphere: temporal. 560 arpents. Prerequisite: Principality. Possible outlets: Tsardom / Empire.

Grand Duchy

A grand duchy is a territory whose ruler is a grand duke or a grand duchess. The grand duke is a monarch (ruler) ranking lower than an emperor or a king, but higher than a duke or sovereign prince. [URL=/help/org/state:gduchy][…][/URL]

. Sphere: temporal. 640 arpents. Prerequisite: Duchy. Possible outlets: Archduchy / Empire.


A archduchy is a territory whose ruler is an archduke or archduchess. The archduke ranks in honour lower than an emperor or a king, but higher than a duke or sovereign prince. Only direct vassals of an [URL=/help/org/state:aduchy][…][/URL]

. Sphere: temporal. 800 arpents. Prerequisite: Duchy / Grand Duchy. Possible outlets: Empire.

Monastic state

A monastic state is a monastic order which reigns over a territory, as a temporal sovereign. [URL=/help/org/state:mstate][…][/URL]

. Sphere: temporal and spiritual. 960 arpents. Prerequisite: Monastic order.


A kingdom or realm is a community or territory over which a sovereign rules. It is also a form of government in which a group, usually a family called the dynasty, embodies the country's national identity [URL=/help/org/state:kingdom][…][/URL]

. Sphere: temporal. 960 arpents. Prerequisite: Vice-kingdom / Duchy / Principality. Possible outlets: Empire.


A patriarchate is a region subject to the authority of a patriarch (or a matriarch). [URL=/help/org/state:patriarc][…][/URL]

. Sphere: temporal and spiritual. 800 arpents. Prerequisite: Primacy / Archbishopric / Great temple. Possible outlets: Holy See.


Tsarism is a form of autocracy or absolutism specific to the elevation of a great-principality to the rank of empire. The Tsar, however, is considered of inferior rank to an emperor, but superior to a [URL=/help/org/state:tsardom][…][/URL]

. Sphere: temporal. 1920 arpents. Prerequisite: Grand Principality / Federation. Possible outlets: Empire.


An empire is defined as an aggregate of nations or people ruled over by an emperor or other powerful sovereign or government, usually a territory of greater extent than a kingdom. An empire can be made [URL=/help/org/state:empire][…][/URL]

. Sphere: temporal. 2400 arpents. Prerequisite: Tsardom / Kingdom / Archduchy / Grand Principality / Grand Duchy / Federation.

Holy See

The papal function is above all spiritual, or mystical, long before it is political. Theology affirms that the role of the Pope to preside over the unity of the Church was enunciated by the gods. The Pope [URL=/help/org/state:holysee][…][/URL]

. Sphere: temporal and spiritual. 1000 arpents. Prerequisite: Patriarchate / Great temple.

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