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Encyclopedia Organizations Provinces


A district is a type of administrative and territorial division that is managed by a local government, and generally includes several cities or towns. [URL=/help/org/prov:district][…][/URL]

Sphere: temporal. 240 arpents. Possible outlets: County / Principality / Federation.


The bishopric is the smallest community that can be called Church. Other terms have a close meaning without being fully synonymous: the episcopal see, the local Church. [URL=/help/org/prov:bishop][…][/URL]

. Sphere: spiritual. 240 arpents. Prerequisite: Archdeaconate / Deanery / Great temple. Possible outlets: Archbishopric / Great temple / Monastic order.


Count (male) or countess (female) is a title for a noble of varying status, but historically deemed to convey an approximate rank intermediate between the highest and lowest titles of nobility. [URL=/help/org/prov:county][…][/URL]

. Sphere: temporal. 240 arpents. Prerequisite: District. Possible outlets: Marquisate / Margraviate / County palatine / Principality / Landgraviate / Duchy.


A marquess is a nobleman of hereditary rank in various peerages and in those of some of their former colonies. The theoretical distinction between a marquess and other titles has faded into obscurity. [URL=/help/org/prov:marquis][…][/URL]

. Sphere: temporal. 320 arpents. Prerequisite: County. Possible outlets: Margraviate / Duchy.


Margrave is the title for the military commander assigned to maintain the defense of one of the border provinces of an Empire. A margrave functions as the military governor of a march, a border province. [URL=/help/org/prov:margrav][…][/URL]

. Sphere: temporal. 320 arpents. Prerequisite: Marquisate / County. Possible outlets: Duchy.

County palatine

A county palatine or palatinate is an area ruled by a hereditary nobleman enjoying special authority and autonomy from the rest of a kingdom or empire. The name derives from the Latin adjective palātīnus, [URL=/help/org/prov:cpalat][…][/URL]

. Sphere: temporal. 240 arpents. Prerequisite: County. Possible outlets: Duchy.


An archbishop is a bishop of higher rank or office. Archbishops are in the highest of the three traditional orders of bishops, priests, also called presbyters, and deacons. An archbishop may be granted [URL=/help/org/prov:abishop][…][/URL]

. Sphere: spiritual. 480 arpents. Prerequisite: Bishopric / Great temple. Possible outlets: Monastic order / Primacy / Patriarchate.


The title of Landgrave refers to a count who has imperial immediacy, or feudal duty owed directly to the Emperor. His jurisdiction stretches over a sometimes quite considerable territory, which is not [URL=/help/org/prov:landgrav][…][/URL]

. Sphere: temporal. 400 arpents. Prerequisite: Principality / County. Possible outlets: Duchy.


A duchy is a country, territory, fief, or domain ruled by a duke or duchess. Dukes are the rulers of the provinces, the superiors of the counts and the highest-ranking peers of the king. [URL=/help/org/prov:duchy][…][/URL]

. Sphere: temporal. 480 arpents. Prerequisite: Landgraviate / County palatine / Margraviate / Marquisate / County. Possible outlets: Grand Duchy / Archduchy / Kingdom.


A viceroy is an official who runs a polity in the name of and as the representative of the monarch of the territory. A viceroy's territory may be called a viceroyalty, though this term is not always applied. [URL=/help/org/prov:vkingdom][…][/URL]

. Sphere: temporal. 960 arpents. Possible outlets: Kingdom.


Primate is a title or rank bestowed on some archbishops. Primates are granted privileges including the authority to call and preside at national synods, jurisdiction to hear appeals from metropolitan tribunals, [URL=/help/org/prov:primacy][…][/URL]

. Sphere: spiritual. 960 arpents. Prerequisite: Archbishopric / Great temple. Possible outlets: Monastic order / Patriarchate.

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