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Encyclopedia Organisations High nobility


A principality (or princedom) can either be a monarchical feudatory or a sovereign state, ruled or reigned over by a monarch with the title of prince or by a monarch with another title within the generic [URL=/help/org/hnob:princip][…][/URL]

. Sphere: temporal. 400 arpents. Prerequisite: County / District. Possible outlets: Landgraviate / Grand Principality / Kingdom.


The title of Landgrave refers to a count who has imperial immediacy, or feudal duty owed directly to the Emperor. His jurisdiction stretches over a sometimes quite considerable territory, which is not [URL=/help/org/hnob:landgrav][…][/URL]

. Sphere: temporal. 400 arpents. Prerequisite: Principality / County. Possible outlets: Duchy.


A duchy is a country, territory, fief, or domain ruled by a duke or duchess. Dukes are the rulers of the provinces, the superiors of the counts and the highest-ranking peers of the king. [URL=/help/org/hnob:duchy][…][/URL]

. Sphere: temporal. 480 arpents. Prerequisite: Landgraviate / County palatine / Margraviate / Marquisate / County. Possible outlets: Grand Duchy / Archduchy / Kingdom.


A viceroy is an official who runs a polity in the name of and as the representative of the monarch of the territory. A viceroy's territory may be called a viceroyalty, though this term is not always applied. [URL=/help/org/hnob:vkingdom][…][/URL]

. Sphere: temporal. 960 arpents. Possible outlets: Kingdom.

Grand Principality

The title grand prince or great prince ranks in honour below king and emperor and above a sovereign prince. Only direct vassals of an empire can receive this title. [URL=/help/org/hnob:gprincip][…][/URL]

. Sphere: temporal. 560 arpents. Prerequisite: Principality. Possible outlets: Tsardom / Empire.

Grand Duchy

A grand duchy is a territory whose ruler is a grand duke or a grand duchess. The grand duke is a monarch (ruler) ranking lower than an emperor or a king, but higher than a duke or sovereign prince. [URL=/help/org/hnob:gduchy][…][/URL]

. Sphere: temporal. 640 arpents. Prerequisite: Duchy. Possible outlets: Archduchy / Empire.


A archduchy is a territory whose ruler is an archduke or archduchess. The archduke ranks in honour lower than an emperor or a king, but higher than a duke or sovereign prince. Only direct vassals of an [URL=/help/org/hnob:aduchy][…][/URL]

. Sphere: temporal. 800 arpents. Prerequisite: Duchy / Grand Duchy. Possible outlets: Empire.

Monastic state

A monastic state is a monastic order which reigns over a territory, as a temporal sovereign. [URL=/help/org/hnob:mstate][…][/URL]

. Sphere: temporal and spiritual. 960 arpents. Prerequisite: Monastic order.


A kingdom or realm is a community or territory over which a sovereign rules. It is also a form of government in which a group, usually a family called the dynasty, embodies the country's national identity [URL=/help/org/hnob:kingdom][…][/URL]

. Sphere: temporal. 960 arpents. Prerequisite: Vice-kingdom / Duchy / Principality. Possible outlets: Empire.


Tsarism is a form of autocracy or absolutism specific to the elevation of a great-principality to the rank of empire. The Tsar, however, is considered of inferior rank to an emperor, but superior to a [URL=/help/org/hnob:tsardom][…][/URL]

. Sphere: temporal. 1920 arpents. Prerequisite: Grand Principality / Federation. Possible outlets: Empire.


An empire is defined as an aggregate of nations or people ruled over by an emperor or other powerful sovereign or government, usually a territory of greater extent than a kingdom. An empire can be made [URL=/help/org/hnob:empire][…][/URL]

. Sphere: temporal. 2400 arpents. Prerequisite: Tsardom / Kingdom / Archduchy / Grand Principality / Grand Duchy / Federation.

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