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Help Units Clerics


A friar is a brother and a member of a mendicant order. Friars are different from monks in that they are called to live the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience in service to society, rather than through [URL=/help/unit/cleric:friar][…][/URL]

Wi. Skills: Prayer 1/lvl.


A monk is a man who chooses solitude to better find the faith, pronounces vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. For their life of prayer and contemplation, the vast majority of monks seek the support [URL=/help/unit/cleric:monk][…][/URL]

Wi. Skills: Writing 5/lvl, Prayer 4/lvl, Music 3/lvl, Ceremony 2/lvl, Management 2/lvl, Chandlery 1/lvl.

Monks builders

The monks builders specialize in the construction and repair of the monastery buildings. Their skills are varied and range from architecture to the handling of a pickaxe. [URL=/help/unit/cleric:mbuilder][…][/URL]

Wi / Ag. Skills: Carpentry 3/lvl, Masonry 3/lvl, Stone cutting 3/lvl, Prayer 2/lvl, Surveying 2/lvl, Roofing 2/lvl, Architecture 1/lvl, Sculpture 1/lvl, Joinery 1/lvl, Parquetry 1/lvl, Sawing 1/lvl, Cladding 1/lvl, Quarrying 1/lvl, Digging 1/lvl.

Monks farmers

The monks farmers or peasant monks are specialized in agricultural work. They cultivate the land, raise cattle and provide the monastery with food. [URL=/help/unit/cleric:pmonk][…][/URL]

Wi / Co. Skills: Gardening 4/lvl, Harvesting 3/lvl, Sowing 3/lvl, Rice growing 3/lvl, Plantation 3/lvl, Farm breeding 3/lvl, Prayer 2/lvl, Ploughing 2/lvl, Fruit picking 2/lvl, Drawing 1/lvl, Viniculture 1/lvl, Beekeeping 1/lvl, Cattle breeding 1/lvl, Churning 1/lvl, Herding 1/lvl, Milling 1/lvl, Baking 1/lvl, Tree felling 1/lvl, Fire 1/lvl.


A monk-soldier is the expression consecrated to designate the friar of the military and hospital orders. The term monk-soldiers is commonly used to describe the Templars. It is as singular as it is astonishing [URL=/help/unit/cleric:msoldier][…][/URL]

Wi / St. Skills: Melee combat 4/lvl, Ranged combat 3/lvl, Intimidation 3/lvl, Prayer 2/lvl, Hast weapons 1/lvl, Horse training 1/lvl.


A priest is a person authorized to perform the sacred rituals of a cult, especially as a mediatory agent between humans and one or more deities. They also have the authority or power to administer religious [URL=/help/unit/cleric:priest][…][/URL]

Wi. Skills: Prayer 5/lvl, Ceremony 4/lvl, Music 3/lvl, Management 1/lvl.

Trappist monks

Trappist monks value manual work, considered highly conducive to prayer, silence and withdrawal from the world. They specialize in the production of cheese, beer and other beverages. [URL=/help/unit/cleric:trappist][…][/URL]

Wi. Skills: Brewing 5/lvl, Viniculture 4/lvl, Distillery 4/lvl, Ripening 4/lvl, Writing 3/lvl, Prayer 3/lvl, Fire 1/lvl.

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