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The carter is the one who drives a cart or a trolley to transport the resources where it is useful or to bring them to their place of storage. In spite of its sometimes very blooming language, the carter [URL=/help/unit/other:carter][…][/URL]

St / Co. Skills: Carriage 5/lvl, Horse training 2/lvl, Looting 1/lvl.


The new units that appear on your land are settlers. They are not specialized, but can still do some work themselves, such as logging, construction of huts, plowing, etc. The first settlers of a new domain [URL=/help/unit/other:settler][…][/URL]


Tabellions are public officers charged with writing cursory original acts using small letters. There is a distinction between the notary who writes the documents and the tabellion who makes authentic copies. [URL=/help/unit/other:tabel][…][/URL]

In. Skills: Management 5/lvl, Writing 4/lvl.


All property owned by a legal owner is liable to be stolen: crops, animals, food, personal effects, works of art, weapons, etc. Modalities and motivations of a robbery are varied: it is performed alone [URL=/help/unit/other:thief][…][/URL]

Ag / In. Skills: Intrusion 5/lvl, Looting 5/lvl, Melee combat 1/lvl.

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