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The Administrator is the Creator of the World and the Master of the Game. He is not a god you can pray in temples, but he sees and hears almost everything, and may answer some of your queries if you address Him in an appropriate manner. As chief of the [URL=/arm/org/mod]Moderators[/URL], Lord Admin can appoint other Lord Moderators among the volunteers. The task is to monitor that the [URL=/conditions]rules of conduct[/URL] are respected, especially on the forum and other public spaces.

Domain of Indastria
County of Northridge, Samotras

There can be only one Administrator.

Skills: Leadership 1/lvl, Writing 1/lvl, Management 1/lvl, Ceremony 1/lvl, and other bonuses depending on titles. Detection radius: 0/2 arpent(s).


Melee combat.

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