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The Quarrymen specializes in the extraction of various rocks from quarries. He is less qualified than the [url=]miner[/url] and can only work on the surface. [SRC]Apophis[/SRC]

Ancient pine trees
Domain of Laon

Maximum: 75% of the domain's population. This domain can train up to 30 unit(s) of this type. It already has 4 of them.
This action takes place on one of the following buildings: Quarry / Slate quarry. You are currently on a building of type: Pine trees.
This unit is compatible with: Rurality (except Regular clergy).
This unit is compatible with: Rurality (except Regular clergy).

×1. Skills: Quarrying 5/lvl, Digging 3/lvl, Melee combat 1/lvl. Detection radius: 0/2 arpent(s).  450.


St / Co. Training ground: Quarry / Slate quarry. Equipment: Pickaxes 10, Shovels 10, optional: Sledgehammers 10, Chisels 10, Work horses 5, Wagons / Carts 5, Ropes 5. This training is possible in the following types of organizations: Rurality (except Regular clergy). Maximum: 75% of the domain's population.

Automatic actions

Extract stone: Limestone, Granite, Sandstone, Basalt, Marble, Slate. Quarry / Slate quarry: Repair.

Union of Quarrymen

Alex Sovereign, President of the trade union, Archibald “Celay III”, Trade unionist, Yoko Rovonero, Trade unionist, Agenilda Wild, Trade unionist, Serena Mastiggia, Trade unionist, Madalena de Coimbra, Trade unionist, Jerandy Nyx, Trade unionist, Eugen “Bosniak”, Trade unionist.

Patronal feasts

Saint Roch (1629075600) 20, Saint Barbara (1638579600) 10 to their happiness and all their skills.

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