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Encyclopedia Actions Buildings and constructions


Backfilling is to remove a section of road or canal, to restore the land in its original state and allow to build something else. [URL=/help/act/build:backfill][…][/URL]


The construction of buildings, in the broad sense of the term, includes excavation work, carpentry, masonry, plantations, and everything that contributes to the development of a domain by shaping the landscape: [URL=/help/act/build:build][…][/URL]


A canal is an artificial navigable watercourse. There are three main types: channeled riverbed, construction of a side channel filled with water from the river or canal built where there is no watercourse [URL=/help/act/build:canal][…][/URL]


Consecrating is to make sacred, that is to say, to pass a place from the secular sphere to the sacred sphere (belonging to a god). A religious rite is required for a consecration. The consecration of a [URL=/help/act/build:consec][…][/URL]

Demolish/Tree felling

The demolition of a building frees the area and recycle some of the resources used for its construction. Trees are themselves regarded as buildings, felling them also provides such resources as wood. The [URL=/help/act/build:recycle][…][/URL]


Specialised buildings can be despecialised to revert to their original type and possibly allow a different type of specialisation. [URL=/help/act/build:despec][…][/URL]


A levee, dike, dyke or embankment is an elongated artificially constructed fill or wall that regulates water levels. It is usually made of rocks and sand, and often parallel to the course of a river in [URL=/help/act/build:dike][…][/URL]


It can happen, after a demotion, that some buildings become incompatible with their organisation. This action makes it possible to review the latest upgrades of a building, so that it becomes compatible [URL=/help/act/build:dismantl][…][/URL]


The operation which consists in extracting material located on the bottom of a body of water is called dredging. The purpose is to maintain the river or sea channels used by ships when they have been filled [URL=/help/act/build:dredge][…][/URL]


Some buildings can be painted with lime and optional pigments. The color will depend on the pigments used: ochres or other metallic oxides… The painting action is only possible on finished or sufficiently [URL=/help/act/build:paint][…][/URL]


Damaged buildings, as they are not in ruins, can be repaired without having to demolish and rebuild all. Repair uses the same skills and resources as for the initial construction of the building, in a [URL=/help/act/build:repair][…][/URL]


It is possible to replace the roof of some buildings. This operation has only one aesthetic use and has no effect on the quality or condition of the building. [URL=/help/act/build:roof][…][/URL]


Roads are the circulation network for goods and persons within a domain. Most buildings require the presence of a nearby road. See the building descriptions. Roads take their origin in the village square [URL=/help/act/build:road][…][/URL]


Specialising a building determines which profession can be practiced. Only one specialisation is possible for each building. Specialisation does not modify the building structure. Its sole purpose is for [URL=/help/act/build:spec][…][/URL]

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