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Help Actions Conquest


Moving inside an enemy building may require an intrusion, the duration of which is calculated based on the building's tightness and the Intrusion skill. An intrusion will always be considered an assault [URL=/help/act/conquest:intrude][…][/URL]


A building or an area can be occupied by enemy troops. In addition to the happiness penalty which applies to all units present in the area, occupation prevents the start of new actions and allows the occupant [URL=/help/act/conquest:occupy][…][/URL]


This action has the effect of isolating a domain by blocking its exchanges with the outside, access to the market and to neighboring domains. Units in the domain cannot move if they are carrying resources. [URL=/help/act/conquest:siege][…][/URL]


This action is equivalent to an inverted Vassalage action: the overlord must be present on the lands of the vassal and make the request. Forced subjugation is possible if the organization is in insurrection. [URL=/help/act/conquest:subject][…][/URL]


When a domain is attacked, the holder of the territorial or temporal organization can sign a surrender. This has the effect of immediately ceasing any attack on the organization's units and buildings in [URL=/help/act/conquest:surrend][…][/URL]

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