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Encyclopedia Actions Combat


An attack between units present in the same area can be resolved by just dragging and dropping the icon of a unit over another. See Combat for more information. Using the action is necessary for ranged [URL=/help/act/combat:attack][…][/URL]


It is possible to capture a stunned unit. Capture is only possible if the unit is offensive, i.e. if it is controlled by a character who has provoked offensive actions. A captive unit follows its jailer [URL=/help/act/combat:capture][…][/URL]


A prisoner can be executed by one of his victims, if the level of offense exceeds 100%. The character pronouncing the sentence must be present at the scene of the execution. [URL=/help/act/combat:exec][…][/URL]


Any movement from or to one of your territories can be intercepted, by sending troops to meet travelers. The coordinates depend on the trajectory and the movement rate of the units. It is not possible [URL=/help/act/combat:intercpt][…][/URL]


Looting is a type of special attack that involves stealing money from a unit without physically harming it. This action, however, results in an automatic riposte, like a normal attack. If the unit is carrying [URL=/help/act/combat:loot][…][/URL]


A prisoner can be released by its keeper. [URL=/help/act/combat:release][…][/URL]

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