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Encyclopedia Actions Other actions


Members of a company have the power to impose a partial embargo on a resource. This has the effect of suspending automatic sales, worldwide, for the duration of the action. Manual sales are still possible, [URL=/help/act/other:embargo][…][/URL]


Exploration clears the fog and reveals the map. This action is available at the edge of the territories already explored or on the coasts, where the fog is not too thick. [URL=/help/act/other:explore][…][/URL]


The members of a trade union have the power to call a global strike on all the units of the profession that they represent. Units on strike suspend their automatic actions for the duration of the action. [URL=/help/act/other:strike][…][/URL]

Trade route

A trade route connects two distant domains, in order to share their markets as if they were neighbours. This connection is bilateral. A sea route is possible between a trade ship and any distant domain [URL=/help/act/other:trade][…][/URL]

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