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Encyclopedia Actions Organisations


The promotion of an organisation follows an evolution tree. It may happen that you have to downgrade one of your organisations to make it evolve on a new branch. In some cases, depending on the type of [URL=/help/act/org:demote][…][/URL]


A character can found a new organisation in an existing domain or in a virgin territory. Conditions and prerequisites apply depending on the type of organisation: for example, the creation of a parish [URL=/help/act/org:found][…][/URL]


An organisation can be liquidated its owner or titular holder. The liquidation results in an immediate sale of the stocks, the buildings of the organisation are abandoned and the liquidator receives part [URL=/help/act/org:liquid][…][/URL]

New seat

Some non-territorial organisations, such as guilds and brotherhoods, can move their headquarters to another area than the one in which they were founded. This of course requires the agreement of the owner [URL=/help/act/org:seat][…][/URL]


The owner of an organisation can upgrade the organisation by changing its type. Each type of organisation defines a number of pre-requisites and this promotion often requires the presence or agreement [URL=/help/act/org:promote][…][/URL]


Buildings in a domain can change ownership. The landowner may decide to transfer one of his buildings to a foreign domain or recover at any moment a building located on his territory. The owner of the [URL=/help/act/org:prop][…][/URL]

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