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Encyclopedia Actions Entertainments


This action provides a happiness bonus to units on the premises. The duration of the action depends on the quality of services and the number of girls doing the job. [URL=/help/act/enter:charm][…][/URL]


A duel is a fight between two units. Unlike a normal attack, a duel is not considered an act of war, and the fight continues only between the two units until one of them is hit. You can provoke a duel [URL=/help/act/enter:duel][…][/URL]


The joust is one of the most famous games of chivalry tournaments. It consists of a lance charge between two knights galloping, face to face. In a tournament, knights score one point each time they hit [URL=/help/act/enter:joust][…][/URL]


Each character can marry a character of the opposite sex. This solemn union is often a ceremony in the presence of many witnesses, especially if the bride and groom are important lord and lady. Each spouse [URL=/help/act/enter:marry][…][/URL]

Music concert

A concert is a musical representation of one or more musicians, in public, in a place set up for this occasion: a hall, a garden, a church, a square, etc. This action provides a happiness bonus to units [URL=/help/act/enter:music][…][/URL]

Theatre show

Theatre is a show in which comedians, put in circumstances and situations created by a text and the vision of a director, embody characters for an outside audience (the public), in a limited time and space. [URL=/help/act/enter:theatre][…][/URL]


The tournament is an organised form of competition. The stakes are sometimes courteous (one fights for a lady or her crown of flowers), for money and sometimes also symbolic, mimicking those of a real [URL=/help/act/enter:tourn][…][/URL]

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