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Encyclopedia Actions Movement

Access request

Moving into a building with restricted access may require an intrusion. A prior access request allows you to obtain permission to move to a building, even if that building is inside a fortified city, without [URL=/help/act/move:access][…][/URL]


Any movement from or to one of your territories can be intercepted, by sending troops to meet travelers. The coordinates depend on the trajectory and the movement rate of the units. It is not possible [URL=/help/act/move:intercpt][…][/URL]


Moving inside an enemy building may require an intrusion, the duration of which is calculated based on the building's tightness and the Intrusion skill. An intrusion will always be considered an assault [URL=/help/act/move:intrude][…][/URL]


A unit can move to almost anywhere on the map. Its movement speed depends primarily on its equipment and its fatigue. If several units move simultaneously, the slowest unit will slow down all others. During [URL=/help/act/move:move][…][/URL]

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