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Each character can marry a character of the opposite sex. This solemn union is often a ceremony in the presence of many witnesses, especially if the bride and groom are important lord and lady. Each spouse is considered heir to his spouse. In case of death of the latter, the widow or widower is entitled to the succession, along with other family members. Each spouse also receives the title of consort for each title of nobility held by his spouse. These are honorary titles that do not give any special privileges.


This action takes place on one of the following buildings: Places of worship. You are currently on a bare ground.


Required skills and resources:

Requires approval of the following characters:

  • At least one character having one of the following titles: Pope / Patriarch / High priest / Primate / Archbishop / Bishop / Archdeacon / Dean / Priest, from the same spiritual obedience as the domain (excommunicated characters are ignored).