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A baker is someone who bakes [URL=/help/res?type=bread]bread[/URL] and sometimes other products made using an oven or other concentrated heat source. The place where a baker works is called a [URL=/help/bld?type=bakery]bakery[/URL].


No domain.
This action takes place on one of the following buildings: Bakery / Bakehouse / School. You are currently on a bare ground.

×1. Skills: Baking 5/lvl, Pastry 3/lvl, Fire 2/lvl, Cookery 1/lvl. Detection radius: 0/2 arpent(s).  500.


Co / In. Training ground: Bakery / Bakehouse / School. Equipment: Baskets 10, optional: Knives 10. This training is possible in the following types of organizations: Territories (except Regular clergy). Maximum: 10% of the domain's population.

Automatic actions

Fabrication: Bread.

Union of Bakers

Kynlyn Jaeger, President of the trade union, Wally Gator, Trade unionist, Lynars Valandil, Trade unionist, Harold Larama, Trade unionist, Merry “Poulpy”, Trade unionist, Ranieri “La Volpe”, Trade unionist, Léontine Coeur de Lion, Trade unionist, Connor Macgregor, Trade unionist.

Patronal feasts

Saint Honoratus (1621126800) 15, Saint Albinus (1614560400) 10, Saint Michael (1632877200) 5, Saint Peter (1624928400) 5, Saint Agatha (1612486800) 5 to their happiness and all their skills.

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